Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wyatts 15 month well child check!

Well Wyatt had his 15 month wcc today and 3 shots :(.. He was not impressed to see anyone there! He fell asleep on the way so he was out cold through the first part of the appt. He slept through me undressing him and taking him to the scale! I layed him down and everyone was laughing that he was still passed out! I took it diaper off and all hell broke loose :).... He looked around and flipped out! He has never liked the doctors office and the trip to Barbara Bush childrens hospital didnt help the situation at all. Dr. H said he looked great! He weighed in at 26.6 and was 32 inchs tall. He actually lost a few oz. but she said considering the massive diarrhea he's had the past 2 weeks on cipro thats great! She said she would have thought he'd have lost a pd or more! His lungs were clear and she gave me a script to help his diaper rash.. He's had it for 2 weeks now and the nystatin cream makes it hurt worse. It is a yeasty type rash so he kinda needs the nystatin.

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