Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slacking on updates :)

Sorry I havent written anything in a week! Between the 3 boys keeping me busy and my father in law being in the hospital with stroke symptoms, I just havent had the chance... Never dull around here! Wyatt is still junky even after being on cipro..... Im at a loss with that sweet boy of mine. I just dont understand how he can always sound so junky. Its weird too. When he coughs he sounds to me like he still has a lot of inflammation and mucus. When I take him to the doctors they listen and say wow he sounds great! Perfectly clear! He does also have laryngomalacia, which accounts for some of the upper airway noise. I cant wait for him to out-grow it so its no longer a issue. Wyatt cultured pseudo last fall when they did a bronch. He was immediately put on the cipro/tobi treatments. even after 28 days of tobi and 14 of cipro he was still sounding clear to them and junky to me. So we went to clinic and they admitted him for iv anti's (on oct 31) and even after that he was still clear as a whistle to them and junky when he coughs (the coughing is usually when he is crying or his brothers get him wound up) Everyone seems to think if it was bacteria related all of these anti's would have taken care of it but it bothers me to no end that they have nothing to say about the inflammation/mucus issue! He does have a clinic appointment next wed and I will be putting my foot down for answers... It just doesnt make sense! Caleb can go on anti's and sound great within a few days.... I just worry that wyatt is going to suffer lung damage the longer it goes on!

If anyone can offer any advice on this id greatly appreciate it! Also if anyone has any hypertonic saline experience I was thinking of talking to them about it to see if maybe that would help!

wyatts current meds are-

Tobi nebs every 28 days
pulmozyme daily
creon 10
axid twice daily
cipro- he just finished!
vest twice daily

I will try to post a few pictures later when the kids calm down!

Until then..............


  1. My daughter, Reilly (5 w/ CF) gets the same way. Her lungs will sound clear as a bell, but I can hear it, esp. when she coughs. Her problems are related to sinus issues, though. Mostly it was sinus drainage down her throat. She just had her tonsils & adenoids removed 1 week ago, so hopefully that will help, too. Maybe you can ask the Dr. if they recommend Wyatt see an ENT. It won't hurt anything! Good luck!

  2. My son used to sound just like what you are describing. I would always catch myself telling people not to get him wound up or laughing to hard because it made him sound terrible. He used to clear his throat alot also. Ever since we started the inhaled GSH (glutathione) he no longer sounds like that. I know the GSH has been wonderful in helping Sawyer do as good as he has done.

  3. My daughter 5.5wcf used to have a horrible, junky cough chronically during cold/flu season. Her lungs were always clear. This went on from about 18months until 5 years old. We finally figured out that it was sinus congestion and the post-nasal drainage was causing the cough. Now that we have her sinuses under control, she has no drainage and no cough! Unfortunately we let it go too long (none of the doctors helped, I had to figure it out on my own) and she had to have sinus surgery bc they were so bad. If his cough persists I would look into sinus issues, even if the doctors blow it off or say "kids this age don't have sinuses". Good Luck!